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Midwest Pinball is proud to offer reconditioned and vintage used pinball machines for sale around Chicago, Illinois. We have restored these beauties to their original factory condition and have them available for sale. Why not take one home today!

If you do not see what you are looking for, feel free to contact us. We may be able to help you locate the game that you are interested in.

1960's - 1970's Pinball Machines
1980's - 2000's Pinball Machines
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1960's - 1970's Pinball Machines

  • Gottlieb Flipper Parade - Playfield
  • 1961 – Gottlieb Flipper Parade – $2200

        A Family-Themed Pinball   Flipper Parade is a classic 1960’s pinball machine. It features five pop bumpers, numerous targets, and five lanes at the top of the playfield. The…

  • Gottlieb Central Park - Playfield Upper
  • 1966 – Gottlieb Central Park – $2200

       Explore Central Park   Central Park is a classic 1960’s pinball machine. It features four pop bumpers and ten stand-up targets. The game has two flippers at the top…

  • Williams 4 Star - Playfield Upper
  • 1958 – Williams 4 Star – $900

       A 1950′s Woodrail Williams 4 Star is a beautiful woodrail pinball machine with a symmetrical playfield layout and two flippers at the bottom. The lower half of the playfield…

    1958 – Bally Carnival Queen – $1200

    BINGO! Bally Carnival Queen is a bingo pinball. Bingo pinballs are quite different from standard pinball machines and allow players to bet and win hundreds of game credits. Typically, players…

  • Bally Mata Hari - Playfield Upper
  • 1978 – Bally Mata Hari – $1500

    A Classic Beauty Bally’s Mata Hari is one of the transition games from 1977 with both electro-mechanical and solid-state versions. This game is one of the solid state games. As…

  • Gottlieb Jack in the Box - Playfield Upper
  • 1973 – Gottlieb Jack in the Box – $1100

    Jack in the Box is a great 70′s game pits players against a bank of ten drop targets. Four flippers give players a fighting chance to knock down the entire…

    1980's - 2000's Pinball Machines

  • Williams Taxi - Playfield Upper
  • 1988 – Williams Taxi – $2750

       Oh, Taxi Williams Taxi is a great game designed by Mark Ritchie with artwork by Python Anghelo. Dual ramps and wireforms on the game act as the airport entrance…

  • Sega Batman Forever - Playfield Middle
  • 1995 – Data East Batman Forever – $3500

        Batman and Robin   Based on the Batman Forever movie, Sega’s Batman Forever brings the action of the movie to pinball. Players complete seven scenes (modes) against Two-Face and…

    1993 – WMS Star Trek The Next Gen – $5500

    Galaxy Class Pinball!   Consistently ranked among the best pinball machines ever produced, Williams Star Trek: The Next Generation is a superb game packed with features, toy ships, and designed…

  • Harley Davidson - Whole Playfield
  • 1999 – Sega Harley Davidson – $4750

    Live to Ride in Mirrored Color Sega’s Harley Davidson is the last production game before Sega transitioned to become Stern Pinball in 1999. During the game, players travel across the…

  • Stern Viper - Playfield Upper
  • 1981 – Stern Viper – $2500

    Behold the Viper Stern’s Viper is a relatively rare game from 1981. Unlike other games from this era, this wide body game features a rotating turret in the center of…

    Brand New Pinball Machines

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