Explore Central Park

Gottlieb’s Central Park is a classic 1960’s pinball machine. It features four pop bumpers that score either one or ten points each and ten stand-up targets. The game has two flippers. These are the two-inch flipper bats that were standard for the time. The two flipper bats shown at the top of the playfield are stationary.

As with most of the Gottlieb games from the early to mid 1960’s it features the great, clean artwork of Roy Parker. The backglass depicts Central Park with numerous characters in the fore ground gathered to watch an organ grinder and a couple taking a carriage ride. Skyscrapers can be seen in the background beyond the park.

The backglass features an animated organ grinder monkey with a hammer that rings the bell every one hundred points. Stand-up targets along the top of the playfield advance the bonus as each set is completed. Yellow and green bonus lights in the center of the playfield keep track of the progress up through the Special.

Central Park is a one-player replay game. (Gottlieb’s Hurdy Gurdy is the add-a-ball version of this game.) Each game starts with five balls, and the player earns replays by advancing the bonus through the Special. The player can see how many of the five balls have been played through a slot cut into the ball apron.

Central Park is a one-player game suitable for all ages. The game is in excellent condition and has been restored to one hundred percent functionality. The backglass is in great shape as is the animation plastic (the monkey). The game ships with new legs, leg levelers, and leg bolts. We offer local delivery or can arrange shipping nationwide. We also offer a sixty-day parts and service warranty on any of our games that remain within our standard service area. The game has been configured for free play. Please call or e-mail with any questions or for more photos.