1985 – Gottlieb Chicago Cubs Triple Play – $3500

Wrigley Field Pinball

Gottlieb Chicago Cubs - Backglass

Gottlieb Premier’s Chicago Cubs “Triple Play” brings the action and thrill of professional baseball to pinball. The artwork includes images of Wrigley Field and Chicago. The iconic main gate and score board announcing Wrigley Field as home of the Chicago Cubs features prominently in the center of the glass. Images of the ball park, crowds, and Chicago skyline appear below the Cubs logo.

Gottlieb Chicago Cubs - Playfield Upper

Triple Play features four flippers, three pop bumpers, saucers, and a six-target wide bank of drop targets. The game offers a great challenge – take down all the drop targets IN ORDER. The playfield illuminates the next target, but if you miss it and hit a different target, then you need to knock down all the targets in order for them to reset. Special switches on the playfield will spot a target, allowing the player to move on to the next one.

Gottlieb Chicago Cubs - Playfield Middle 2

Chicago Cubs Triple Play is a nice, four-player game with multiple shots, modes, and features. The game allows the top players to enter their initials into the Hall of Fame. The game is setup for free play. Please call or e-mail with any questions or for more photos. Gottlieb Chicago Cubs - Playfield Lower

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