1985 – Williams Sorcerer – $2100

Challenge the Sorcerer

Battle the sorcerer for control of the two dragons (pinballs) shown on the backglass. Pam Ericson’s artwork features a blue-haired sorcerer and two bony dragon skulls emerging from the blue and white smoke.

Sorcerer features three flippers – the upper flipper being activated by the left-hand flipper button, but being on the right side of the playfield. The game also has three pop bumpers, numerous standup targets, one bank of three drop targets, and a wireform ramp. The game also has a two-ball multi-ball mode. Players lock the first ball in kick out at the end of the ramp, then shoot the ramp again to start multi-ball.

Spell SORCERER to light the Demon bonus feature, then complete the drop target bank while the Demon bonus is still lit to hold the bonus for the next ball.

Sorcerer is a four-player game with electronic sounds, music, and speech. The game is in excellent shape and is fully working. It has been updated with LED lighting throughout to really make the colors on the playfield pop. Please note that although the photos show one standup target without a decal, the full decal set arrived the next day and will be installed on the game prior to delivery or shipping.

The game is setup for free play. We offer local delivery and installation or can ship the game nationwide. Please feel free to call or e-mail with questions or for additional photos.

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