1999 – Sega Harley Davidson – $4750

Live to Ride in Mirrored Color

Harley Davidson - Backbox

Sega’s Harley Davidson is the last production game before Sega transitioned to become Stern Pinball in 1999. During the game, players travel across the country. The game features “Born to be Wild” and “bad to the Bone” licensed music and great artwork. The game is home-use only and in excellent condition. It has been converted to all LED lighting with a stunning blue and purple scheme. In addition, mirrors have been installed inside the cabinet to “extend” the playfield in both directions. The result is gorgeous.

Harley Davidson - Playfield Middle

Harley Davidson features four jet bumpers, multiple ramps, and two banks of drop targets. Three multi-ball modes keep the action going and challenge the players with various shots throughout the game.

Harley Davidson - Playfield Upper

Harley Davidson also features a detailed toy motorcycle that moves up and down allowing the player to shoot balls underneath. The chute below the motorcycle holds all the balls until multi-ball is achieved. It then release all the balls at once for a fast and furious multi-ball.

Sega HD - Playfield Motorcycle

Sega’s Harley Davidson has a nice rules set with good use of the toys on the playfield. It allows up to six players and the game is setup for free play. Please call or e-mail us for more pictures or with any questions.

Harley Davidson - Whole Playfield

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