Home-Use Only, Limited-Edition Spider-Man Pinball

In 2007, Stern produced a limited-edition Spider-Man pinball machine featuring Spider-Man in the black costume. The Spider-Man Black Edition was limited to 500 units. This limited-edition game features a small plaque mounted below the backglass indicating the limited production. This version of the game includes special cabinet artwork, a silk-screened glass backglass with silver highlights, and a shaker motor.

Spider-Man is one of the highest rated Stern games with great ball flow, a nice mix of shots, and challenging modes to be completed. Within the game, Spider-Man has three modes (challenges) for each of the four villains – Sandman, Doc Ock, Green Goblin, and Venom. Each of the villains has his own area of the playfield and special lighting with colored LED bulbs.

Game play includes several multi-ball modes and good animation on the dot matrix display. Doc Ock’s Fusion Malfunction uses a magnet in the playfield to hold the ball and release it or challenge the player to knock the ball loose for a two-ball multi-ball. Sandman hides behind a motorized bank of three targets that need to be hit to lower the bank and allow access to targets and the Sandman himself.

Stern Spider-Man Cityscape

Unlike the backglass in most modern games, which are plastic, this edition of Spider-Man features a silk-screened glass with silver highlights that enhance the black Spider-Man suit.

This is a home-use-only (HUO) game being sold by the original owner. It is in excellent shape with no fade on the cabinet nor any scratches or dings. In addition, several additional modifications (mods) have been added to this game. The first is a brushed aluminum topper that can be flipped down if needed. Also, a model cityscape and elevated train (from Back Alley Creations) have been added along the sides above the ramps and wireforms. These are backlit to provide more depth, while not affecting game play. The game has also been updated with LED bulbs throughout for better color and less maintenance.

Spider-Man is a four-player game suitable for all ages. The game has been configured for free play and can also be switched from English to Spanish instructions. We offer local delivery and installation services or we can arrange shipping within the US. Please call or e-mail us with any questions or for more photos.