Bally Theatre of Magic $8000

Stupendous displays of spellbinding power!


Bally’s Theatre of Magic is a superb example of the great Bally/Williams pinball division. Created in 1995, Theatre of Magic uses a rotating magician’s trunk as the main feature. It starts modes, scores skill shots, is the jackpot, is a target in modes and locks balls. It’s a magic trunk, and so much more. Modes (called Illusions in Theatre of Magic) are started by hitting the trunk three times and include the Levitating Woman, the Tiger Saw, Straightjacket, and Hat Trick.

The game features two flippers, three pop bumpers, ramps, and magnets to capture and move the balls. A hidden trapdoor provides access to the Basement where locked balls are held.

Theatre of Magic has several multi-ball modes and a video mode. Once a player has mastered all the Illusions, spelled Theatre, and completed both Midnight and the Theatre multi-ball, the player starts the Grand Finale (wizard mode).

Upper Playfield
Middle Playfield
Lower Playfield

Theatre of Magic is a family-friendly, four-player game with multiple shots, modes, and features. During the restoration process for this game, we installed new bright LED bulbs and new rubber rings throughout the game and installed a few extras. The game is setup for free play.

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