Come Ride Aboard the Lauren Belle

Upper Playfield

Maverick, the block-buster movie based upon the popular tv series, comes to life in this great pinball game by Data East/Sega. Players enter the First Annual All Rivers Poker Championship dealt by Bret Maverick, himself.

This pinball is beautifully themed, right down to the plunger handle shaped like poker chips. Adding to the decoration and feel of the game is a large 192×64 pixel dot matrix display (DMD) in backbox. Maverick was the last pinball machine produced by Data East, and the first pinball machine produced with the extra-large DMD.

Maverick is a very fun game in which players play both pinball and poker (or blackjack in the blackjack mini game). The game is loaded with features: three flippers, three pop bumpers, two slingshots, one VUK, one captive ball, two standup targets, and one Paddlewheel ball lock. For fast action, the game features two 5-bank drop targets, one 4-bank drop targets, and one 3-bank drop targets. That’s 17 total drop targets!

Drop Targets

Player shoot the plentiful drop targets to complete poker hands. Hit the correct drop targets and win! Hit too many wrong targets and you’ll lose the hand. This makes Maverick a fun game for shooters.

Great animation and sound effects highlight this game. Maverick has both very fast play, when players are shooting drop targets and completing poker hands, and a brief medium play when the Lauren Belle is activated. Players will appreciate the breather before returning to the game’s fast pace, activating the 3-ball multiball, attempting the skill shot for the 4-ball multiball or aiming for a very challenging captive ball shot (under the Lauren Belle).


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