On Monday, we visited the offices at Chicago Gaming to get an in depth look at the new Medieval Madness, which is being meticulously recreated by Planetary Pinball. The staff at Chicago Gaming was kind enough to spend some time showing us the game.

They had two games in the office, which had both just been on display at the Chicago Pinball Expo. Chicago Gaming has done a great job recreating the look and feel of the original game. All the colors, features, and sounds are spot on. Even the lighting, which uses LEDs, has been electronically altered to simulate incandescent lamps.

Chicago Gaming also opened up the games so that we could take a look under the hood. The electronics have been entirely re-worked to accommodate new technology, developed since the original game was produced. The system uses modular boards, less wiring, and easily accessible components. The diagnostics system has also been updated to support maintenance of the new features and allows for owners to easily adjust the look of the LED lights and LED dot matrix display.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing one of the new Medieval Madness Remake pinball machines. There will be a limited edition run which should be shipping by the end of the year and a standard edition Medieval Madness Remake available next year.