Pinball Vacation? Map Your Favorite Games


What’s your next vacation? How about traveling across country, playing your favorite pinball games? Pinball Map is just that, a map that guides enthusiasts to many of the best pinball locations across North America.

The creators, Scott Wainstock and Ryan Taylor-Gratzer, launched a searchable map in 2007. The original database conatined games and locations for the Portland, Oregon area. Now with 10 years of experience and mobile apps for both Android and iOS, Pinball Map has expanded. The online map boasts 90 regional maps that covers the continental U.S., Hawaii and a handful of regions across Canada. Users can search over 13,000 machines by location, type, city and specific pinball machine.

Interestingly, Pinball Map is a crowdsourced pinball locator, meaning that the users keep it up-to-date and help it grow. “Each regional map is curated by a local administrator, often with the support of a league,” states Users help to keep the map up to date by adding machines, removing machines and submitting new locations.

Since accurate and timely user input makes for a better map, Pinball Map has partnered with Stern Pinball to reward top contributors. The top 3 contributors receive signed translites from Stern Pinball.

You can check out the Pinball Map at

Happy [pinball] trails!

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