Recently Midwest Pinball has worked on a number of older games. In january 2009, we picked up an old game from a customer for repair and restoration. After a little research we determined that is was a 1935 Bally Traffic (Model C). It looked like the cabinet had been repainted and the playfield was very dark. (The picture below shows the impact of a little Novus #2.)

We dis-assembled and vaccumed out the game to search for any older parts that may have been trapped in the cabinet. The game olny uses one coil, which was working fine. We took the metal pieces off (including the playfield traffic lights) to be placed in a parts tumbler and worked on the playfield for several days.

Once the playfield was finished, we replaced the bulbs with new ones ordered from Steve Young at The Pinball Resource and replaced the brittle gels inside the traffic lights with new color films.