1985 – Gottlieb Chicago Cubs Triple Play – $3500

Wrigley Field Pinball Gottlieb Premier’s Chicago Cubs “Triple Play” brings the action and thrill of professional baseball to pinball. The artwork includes images of Wrigley Field and Chicago. The iconic main gate and score board announcing Wrigley Field as home of the Chicago Cubs features prominently in the center of the glass. Images of the […]

1988 – Williams Fire! – $3200

Battle the Chicago Fire In the era of horse-drawn fire engines, fire fighters raced between sites with ladders and hoses to battle each new blaze. This game has wonderful artwork and replica buildings backlit by red and orange lights that flicker to match the flames drawn on the playfield and backglass. Williams Fire! has two […]

September 2015 – Stern Game of Thrones

This week Stern Pinball and HBO announced the Game of Thrones pinball machine, which will start shipping later this month. Below is a sneak-peek of the upper playfield available only on the Premium and Limited Edition models. For more information about the game, check out the full description on Stern’s site here: http://www.sternpinball.com/games/game-of-thrones/premium

August 2015 – A Letter from Australia

Well… an e-mail actually. The staff from Pinball Sales Australia wrote me to ask that I get back to regular blog posts and provided me with a blog post of their own. Top 5 Amazing Pinball Machines: http://www.pinballsales.com.au/top-5-amazing-pinball-machines/ The link above is to an article on the Pinball Sales Australia website briefly listing some of […]

1962 – Gottlieb Flipper Clown – $1800

   A Family-Themed Pinball   Flipper Clown is a classic 1960’s pinball machine. It features three pop bumpers, numerous targets, and a bumper at the top of the playfield that spins the roto-targets. The game features two roto-targets.   As with most of the Gottlieb games from the early to mid 1960’s it features the […]

November 2014 – Incoming Pinball Machines for Sale

We have recently received a number of new used pinball machines for sale that we will be restoring and selling. Here is a list of the ones that we have in the queue for restoration Williams T2: Judgment Day – This classic fast-paced game from 1991 is the first title to feature a video mode […]

October 2014 – Planetary Pinball Medieval Madness Remake

On Monday, we visited the offices at Chicago Gaming to get an in depth look at the new Medieval Madness, which is being meticulously recreated by Planetary Pinball. The staff at Chicago Gaming was kind enough to spend some time showing us the game. They had two games in the office, which had both just […]

1961 – Gottlieb Flipper Parade – $2200

    A Family-Themed Pinball   Flipper Parade is a classic 1960’s pinball machine. It features five pop bumpers, numerous targets, and five lanes at the top of the playfield. The game also features two gobble holes, which offer points, but the player loses the ball in play.   As with most of the Gottlieb games […]

1999 – Sega Harley Davidson – $4750

Live to Ride in Mirrored Color Sega’s Harley Davidson is the last production game before Sega transitioned to become Stern Pinball in 1999. During the game, players travel across the country. The game features “Born to be Wild” and “bad to the Bone” licensed music and great artwork. The game is home-use only and in […]

Unframed Pinball Backglass

Midwest Pinball offers a selection of unframed pinball glass from various manufacturers. Most of these items are new-old-stock (NOS), which means that the item was produced at the same time as the original pinball machine but was put into parts inventory and has not been used in a game. Some items may have small scratches […]