2007 – Stern Spider-Man Black Edition – $7500

Stern Spider-Man backglass

Home-Use Only, Limited-Edition Spider-Man Pinball In 2007, Stern produced a limited-edition Spider-Man pinball machine featuring Spider-Man in the black costume. The Spider-Man Black Edition was limited to 500 units. This limited-edition game features a small plaque mounted below the backglass indicating the limited production. This version of the game includes special cabinet artwork, a silk-screened […]

1985 – Williams Sorcerer – $2100

Challenge the Sorcerer Battle the sorcerer for control of the two dragons (pinballs) shown on the backglass. Pam Ericson’s artwork features a blue-haired sorcerer and two bony dragon skulls emerging from the blue and white smoke. Sorcerer features three flippers – the upper flipper being activated by the left-hand flipper button, but being on the […]

1966 – Gottlieb Central Park – $2200

Explore Central Park Gottlieb’s Central Park is a classic 1960’s pinball machine. It features four pop bumpers that score either one or ten points each and ten stand-up targets. The game has two flippers. These are the two-inch flipper bats that were standard for the time. The two flipper bats shown at the top of […]

March 2017 – Have Gun Will Travel

This week we picked up three Western-themed games. Gottlieb Big Indian (1974) and Sheriff (1971) are pinball machines. And Williams Bonanza (1970) is a gun game with moving targets.   One of the most popular games of the 70’s, Gottlieb Big Indian is a four-player game featuring a range of classic features – drop targets, […]

1992 – Williams The Getaway – $3800

Shift Into High Gear Williams The Getaway: High Speed II is the sequel to Williams 1986 High Speed pinball machine. The backglass artwork was done by Doug Watson and playfield art was done by Mark Sprenger. According to the game designer, Steve Ritchie, the car chase theme came from a real high speed chase when […]

October 2016 – New Pinball Explosion

Over the past couple of years, several new pinball companies entered the market and developed many different pinball formats. New titles include traditional pinball machines, multi-game units, virtual pinball, and customizable units. Advances in technology, including programmable electronics and 3D printing, simplify the development of new platforms and reduce the cost of the prototyping process. […]

October 2016 – Keeping the Ball Alive: 30 Years of Stern Pinball

For over a decade, Stern Pinball was the world’s only major manufacturer of pinball machines. Many new companies have emerged in the past few years, but Stern remains the biggest and most stable. Stern Pinball has thirty years of experience and a seasoned staff committed to producing pinball machines. Now PaperFlock is running a Kickstarter […]

September 2016 – Star Trek 50th Anniversary

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek TV series, BBC America ran all the original episodes in the order they aired. I recorded them all and have been watching two or three per night (still have 40 to go). We currently have two of the four Star Trek themed pinball machines for […]

1991 – Data East Star Trek – $3000

Beam Me Up Scotty Data East Star Trek 25th Anniversary Edition brings all the characters from the original Star Trek show. Captain Kirk, Spock, Chekov, Sulu, Uhura, and Dr McCoy appear on the backglass in a patented “Transporter Effect” that makes the characters disappear and reappear. Star Trek features two flippers, three pop bumpers, saucers, […]

1976 – Bally Captain Fantastic – $3000

The Classic Pinball from the 70’s Inspired by the 1975 movie Tommy, Bally’s 1976 Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy is a classic electro-mechanical pinball machine with score wheels and chimes. The backglass depicts Elton John’s Pinball Wizard character from the movie. Dave Christensen, the artist, includes dozens of detailed characters in the background […]